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Best Fashion Bloggers Over 40 UK

Best Fashion Bloggers Over 40 UK

In my travels to the UK, I find fashion is completely different in the United Kingdom. So I thought why not feature some of the Best Fashion Bloggers Over 40 UK and compare their style to the US Best Fashion Bloggers Over 40.

If you’re a fan of fashion, elegance, and beauty then you’ll love “The Style Box”. Lauren and Sophie founded the UK-based lifestyle blog back in 2006.

Style Box Uk Fashion Lifestyle Bloggers

After all, it’s the place from where you have excavated all the notions, suggestions, and inspirations on individual fashion for so long.

But, do you know the names of 12 UK fashion lifestyle bloggers or their blogs, who are trendsetters in the field of fashion?

the style box uk fashion lifestyle bloggers

Well! after sorting the Best Style box UK Fashion Lifestyle Bloggers from the perspective of social network traffic, users, domain authority, and newness, we have come to the point that, these 12 persons are the Style Box Uk Fashion Lifestyle Bloggers who have made a strong footing in the field of fashion and glamour:

1. Tess Montgomery:

This name of the London-based blogger is now influencing the minds of everyone on Instagram with her campaign, ” #mindfluencing”.


She, through her blogs, always inspires or motivates her followers for giving more attention to social media. Her new task of “1 item/month” is leading to the development of an eco-friendly wardrobe.

Just jump to Tee’s Instagram account updates, and you will see an amazing anthology of photos that accentuates neutral tones with various deadest and most stylish dresses.

In her blog, you will find posts that emphasize sustainable fashion, lifestyle, skincare, and other topics of interest. Wanna know about her number of followers? It’s 269000 on Instagram, over 2000 followers on Pinterest, and 1000 followers on YouTube.

2. Monikh Dale:

Wanna know what’s so famous about her? Well! this blogger among all The Style box UK Fashion Lifestyle Bloggers is presently exemplifying the most prominent and distinguished model management company with her great fashion sense.

the style box uk fashion lifestyle bloggers

The magic within her lies in her ability to amalgamate the classic with the modern. Her articles, published in the journal, “Who Wear”, and her skill as a beauty editor (who edits for “Wardrobe Icon”) show her talent in the field of fashion blogging.

She also has a blogging site of her own, where she posts articles on the editing of eco-friendly stylish clothes and advice. Her Instagram followers cum viewers have crossed 2,14,999 (approximately).

3. Jayde Pierce:

Now, we are about to talk about one of the beauty queens of YouTube and Instagram, who comprises 982 million followers on Instagram and about 398 million viewers on YouTube.

Style Box Uk Fashion Lifestyle Bloggers

This fashion blogger among all UK fashion lifestyle bloggers is none other than Jayde Pierce. Curious, how did she manage to become so popular?

Her amazing anthology along with images of her most elegant and monotonous outfits made it possible.

Not only costumes, but Pierce has also proved herself just outstanding through her daily performances, fashion & cosmetic tips.

She worked with plenty of fashion labels like Asos, Reebok, Boots, Spotify, Estee Lauder and Looks Fantastic.

4. Alicia Roddy:

Another beauty cum fashion blogger of The Style box UK Fashion Lifestyle Bloggers, Alicia Roddy, has joined this industry since she was twenty-six and from then on, has always kept her focus on style and fashion.

Style Box Uk Fashion Lifestyle Bloggers

Alicia before entering the fashion world was a novice in sales, marketing, and business management at UK’s Nottingham college. She is nowadays putting fire to the industry with her hot and luxurious fashion pics on her Instagram page.

Her designed clothes are outlined against a minimalist background. She has managed to snatch 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 78.9 thousand users on YouTube.

Her collaboration with Misguide for the editing of a lookbook, her opening of an online social platform for shopping, etc shows her gut to conquer this competitive world by settling out a place for herself with her talent.

Wanna know about the Instagram bio of this artist? It’s ” me in various ensembles in various places”, which just goes accurate with her gorgeously designed clothes sets.

5. Olivia and Alice:

Are you looking for modern trends or searching for ways to clothe more imaginatively?  Then, count the outfits of the designer sisters, Olivia and Alice in.

Style Box Uk Fashion Lifestyle Bloggers

These siblings exhibit their sisterly love for each other through twinning. No, they are not twins. It’s only their thing. Just go over their Instagram pages, and you will be amazed by their harmonized ensembles and colorful manifestations.


These London-based sisters eat, sleep as well as live in fashion. Their 2014’s started company, Amelia Jane London, now sells scarves, hats, pom-pom bobble hats, etc.


In tandem, after solidifying their respective companies, These Style box UK Fashion Lifestyle Bloggers have launched their Instagram and blogs with huge success.

Though their websites have been separate till now, we can guess that they will soon combine their business and Instagram forces for the better.


6. Katrina Lake And Her Stitch Fix:

Another blogger among different Style box UK Fashion Lifestyle Bloggers can be described as a styling and designing service box for ladies.

Style Box Uk Fashion Lifestyle Bloggers

By respecting various men’s and women’s trending fashion ideas and picking them up, this woman is growing up her enterprise worldwide.

She is also blogging her fashion tips in her fashion blog and simultaneously running her store, which gives the customers a great opportunity of choosing their styles in respect of clothing.


The customer gives their styling ideas, and they are allowed to choose their costumes from the lots of clothes that resemble their styling tips. Her store’s product ranges from £40 to £160, and the stylist fee for each product (£10) is mined from the customer’s purchase.

7. Lookiero:

Do you know about Lookiero? It’s a Spanish private shopping store that has become popular worldwide. And, the credit goes to its CEO and founder, Oier Urrutia.

Style Box Uk Fashion Lifestyle Bloggers

This blogger of all Style box UK Fashion Lifestyle Bloggers offers women’s apparel from her shopping store. Are you a modern lady? Then, the platform is especially for you.


His sewing Fix allows you a style check over the net (including your size, preferences, and taste). And, the service? Its flexibility is just wow!

8. Fabletics:

Greet another pair of UK fashion lifestyle bloggers, Goldenberg & Ressler, who are also the co-founders of a shopping store named Fabletics.

Style Box Uk Fashion Lifestyle Bloggers
Best fashion bloggers over 40 uk 1

Website: Fabletics

Their arduous endeavor in fashion design will leave you awestruck as they always try to formulate their customer’s unique ideas in the form of dresses. And they promote their fashion ideas as well as fashion store through blogging.

9. OddBalls:

Wanna know about the Style box UK Fashion Lifestyle Bloggers who work as a team to achievement in the field of fashion, business, and blogging?



Then, meet the trio – Paul Varley, Richard Metcalfe, and Steve Harper, who jointly found Oddballs. They aim to provide a simple yet unique and contemporary style to the whole world.

Their store comprises various ingrained pants, cranks, sportswear, sunglasses, accessories, etc., and fashion-lover customers never think twice before diving into their store.

10. Song Of Style:

Among the Style box UK Fashion Lifestyle Bloggers, how can we miss the name of Aimee Song? She’s a blogger cum interior designer who loves to write about travel, elegance, and fashion.

And for sharing her unique styling sense with others, she gave birth to her blogging site, “Song Of Style,” in 2009.

Though initially generated as a forum for showcasing Aimee’s styles, it has now become a well-known platform for expressing Aimee’s ideas about every kind of style and beauty.

11. The 4 Of Us:

The lifestyle blog of “The 4 Of Us” is the creation of 3 of the Style box UK Fashion Lifestyle Bloggers and their friends, who are models and friends and live and work together, having a love relationship with London.



The models are none other than Annabel from German, Zsanett from Hungary, and Sara from Norway. What’s the source of their bonding together in this group?

the style box uk fashion lifestyle bloggers
The 4 Of Us

Well! Their common passion for fashion, writing, modeling, and photography made it possible. The funny thing is that though the group comprises three ladies, its name is “The 4 Of Us”. It’s because they have another friend who was also planning to enter the blog but left the idea of joining at the very last minute for her decision to leave London.

Annabel, who has moved throughout her childhood from one place to another (Germany,  San Francisco, London, Australia, etc), has joined this group after leaving behind her career in marketing.

the style box uk fashion lifestyle bloggers
An Inspirational Image Only

Her decision to follow a livelihood in cinema and arts in London has brought her here where she is now. Zsanett, another partner of “The 4 Of Us”, began her modeling career in her native Hungary. She also traveled to Asia and stayed there for nearly six years. At last, London made her dream of modeling possible.

Sara got her modeling talent from her aunt and mom as a genetic thing, and so Auntie Sara was her basis of inspiration as a model.

the style box uk fashion lifestyle bloggers
An Inspirational Image Only

Later, her boyfriend made her move to London, and she there saw the possibility of becoming a musician. Now, Sara is a full-time London-based model and dreams of success as an entrepreneur by completing her NHH undergraduate diploma in management.

12. The Curvy Fashionista:

Not every site provides women with comfortable plus-size dresses, so, one can understand how demanding a site like The Curvy Fashionista can be when it comes to purchasing plus-size dresses.

The blogging cum shopping site also offers different women various styles, recommendations, and pointers regarding their dresses.


An anonymous woman with a background in the styling and fashion sector owns this blog.

Wrapping Up:

Style Box Uk Fashion Lifestyle Bloggers

So, which of the above Style Box UK Fashion Lifestyle Bloggers has made a place in your heart? Let us know, and we will bring you more info on those fashion bloggers.

P.S. You’re entering my life as a serial globetrotter & entrepreneur living in Miami. Welcome to my life as a global creative brand director, Designer for my home décor & online jewelry boutique CHRISTI TASKER. Find out about my life as the NBC News social media pioneer or see my cute grandkids as I’m #GlammaGAGA, mom of an OR nurse and @TravelingPoodle, wife of a Brit, interior design educator, + more. Follow me on Instagram if you really want to find out more about me & whatever you do – live in luxury for less and travel like a Rockstar for less.

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